The measure of kindness part 1

I don’t believe in ranking our acts of kindness. To ourselves, to others, or to the rest of the world. I think we do ourselves a great injustice when we view acts of kindness in a linear, hierarchal fashion. ANY act of kindness, great or small, has the ability to impact multitudes in a way that I don’t think we can fully appreciate. I do, however, believe that there is a very specific time when the depth and strength of our kindness, and our growth in this area, can truly be shown to us: when it’s the most difficult.

I want to preface this by simply stating that the intent of this particular post is to challenge all of us to expand our levels of kindness in every area of our lives! 🙂 I think that if we’re able to take an honest look at ourselves and think a little more comprehensively, we can take this whole idea to new levels!

Let’s use weight-lifting as an analogy. Let’s say I decide I want to get stronger. In order to do that, my muscles have to change. The amount of weight they’re able to bare has to increase. In order for my muscles to change, I have to put myself through exercises that will exert my muscles beyond their level of comfortability. I have to lift more weight than I’m used to. I have to take on challenges that are difficult for me. Although this will only be temporary, it will be uncomfortable, and sometimes a little painful. But if I can commit to doing these exercises, no matter how I feel emotionally or even physically, I will see and feel the results I desire. Changing a characteristic or trait about ourselves internally is much like changing our physical exterior body. So as this relates to kindness, if we want to become kinder to ourselves and to those around us, it’s most important to practice kindness in those times when it’s uncomfortable, uneasy, and sometimes a little painful. But these are the times when it’s most important to respond with kindness, love, and positivity. Not only when kindness is being shown to us, but when it’s NOT being shown to us. I don’t want to leave anyone with a bitter taste in their mouth, so I’ll just leave it at that for now! We’ll dive a little more into this topic in the next part of this blog. 🙂




The official Be Kind shirts are finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!! This is the first product being launched for Be Kind, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together!! 🙂 The concept for this shirt and company stemmed from experiences in my own life. My past is definitely what some would call less than wrinkle-free. Through a series of events and years of less than wonderful choices, I began to be kind to myself. I saw how treating myself with respect and kindness changed the lens with which I viewed not only myself, but the rest of the world. Being kind to others has always been very important to me, but being kind to MYSELF was something I didn’t take into much consideration. Once I began treating myself with the same kindness I showed others, I noticed that not only did I treat myself better, but I was able to show kindness and compassion to others, and the rest of the world, in a whole new way! I wanted to find a way to expand that ripple effect. How could I inspire people I’ve never even met to be kind to themselves and to the people they come into contact with? And this is how Be Kind was born! 🙂 When people wear this shirt, my hope is that they will feel inspired by not only the clothing, but the brand itself. Inspired to show themselves kindness. To make kind decisions. To show kindness to others, ESPECIALLY in trying situations. To be kind to the world we live in. But I didn’t want it to stop there. What if we were ALSO able to show kindness with our finances? I decided that through this company, 50 percent of every purchase will go to a particular cause or person. For our first mission, we will be funding Rebecca Gaisie, a young woman I met while doing humanitarian work in Ghana West Africa a few years ago. I will be posting details about this lovely lady and her story in the next post! I hope you are just as passionate and just as inspired by kindness in action as I am! 🙂 xo

Hello World! :)

WELCOME TO BE KIND! If you are reading this, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy and vibrant life to take an interest in what we’re doing! I wholeheartedly believe that kindness in action has the power to change us. Ourselves, the people around us, people we’ve never met, and the world we live in. I believe that kindness flows outward, meaning that it starts from within. When we are kind to ourselves, it radiates into our immediate world and the lives of those around us. When we are purposeful with that kindness, it has the power to impact the rest of the world. And that is exactly what we are doing! 50 percent of every purchase you make from will go directly to the cause or person that we are supporting at that time. And that brings us to this blog! 🙂 This is where we get personal. Through this blog, you will get to meet the very people your money is helping. We will chronicle their stories; their struggles and their triumphs. This isn’t something we can do on our own. We need YOU, and your big, beautiful, kind hearts! We want you to be just as much apart of this as we are, down to the personal interactions with those who are being impacted by Be Kind. Kindness is tangible when it is put into action, and we hope that you feel inspired to get on out there and Be Kind! 🙂